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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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dow down 21. [closing bell ringing] liz: we're waiting on shake shack numbers. they are about to come out with the first public quarterly report ever. stay tuned for that. david: report, not earnings. they're expecting a little bit of a loss. we'll tell you details when we get them right here. bells are ringing on wall street. hello to the red cross on the right. stocks finishing up again. we had very, not very positive considering what happened yesterday. looked as though we may even be gaining some ground what we lost yesterday. nowhere near it at end of the day. russell 2000, small and medium-sized stocks, doing well. see them at bottom of the list there. all indices ended the day down again. put this in context after 330 point loss yesterday. liz: "after the bell." are we ready? let's start it right now.
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liz: to the action. and yes, appears the vix closed this session above 17. volatility abounds. we bring in michael wall, who says the market is like a rubberband, so we ask is it about to snap? he will tell us. kevin kelly of recon capital is here to help you the investor, find the best sectors that pay you, yes, yield. meg of untl capital says there is a bubble building. it will cause issues across the globe, when it will pop, when will it pop? todd horowitz at cme. we should begin with you. we lost a gain, a bit, i hate to use the expression dead-cat bounce. we had a trade every call it half a dead-cat bounce. what do we expect tomorrow? let's spin it forward. >> hi david, hi liz. you mentioned volatility is now over 17. 20-year moving average is over 20. we're not seeing a lot of volatility. over last three days with the
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three big moves, down 300, up 150, down 300. there was no volatility or market trade. straight down after the jobs number. trait up on monday and trait down yesterday. we're not seeing trade. this is more profit-taking. this is not the start of a correction i don't think. i think this is more profit-taking. maybe people selling ahead of these banking numbers. banks are going up great. they know they will pass. you see by the way they are trading they look great. people are waiting to see what the fed does next week. volume has been down. other than today, volatility has been extremely light based on 300 point down days. we had slight jump in volatility. we're hanging around waiting. i don't this is a start. we might get another pop before it is all over. david: at very least it is start of jitters here in the market. they didn't come anywhere close any point in the day making up losses yesterday. a lot of news by the way, we've been focusing on it right here on fox business for quite some
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time, these negative interest rates we see them abroad. we've even seen them in some commercial accounts. is that one of the things spooking the markets? >> that's right. what we're seeing now you're going to fine divergence of the central banks of the largest central bank in the world, the fed, will start normalizing rates at some point soon. rest of the world, european union, eurozone and asia and developing economy, all cutting rates going to massive qe. that is what we're seeing now. that is why the euro is at 12-year lows and going lower. once the, you have issue with qe in europe and with problems in greece, that is just going to continue to make the dollar stronger across the board. david: kevin, let's bring it back home and talk about earnings for a second there because there has been disappointment with earnings. talking about lowering expectations a bit. what is happening there. >> investors need to get into areas where there is growth. and one of those areas is the nasdaq 100. so if you start to look at other
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sectors, the strong dollar is hitting it but nasdaq is growing. gilead sciences, it is growing, it is at 11 pe. it gives a 1.7% dividend yield. you can use that as bond proxy as opposed to utilities growing 5% revenues but trading 19 pe. that is why they sold off 3% on friday. david: kevin, hold up. liz has breaking news. liz: david, miss on earnings per share but beat on revenue. everybody expect ad loss of three cents. it's a loss of five cents. revenue number comes in topping out $34.8 million. the expectation was for 33.08. this is the first quarter where they are publicly reporting results. they just launched their ipo a few months ago. danny meyer, founded this company. a famous new york chef that turned burger shakes and fries, into a huge franchise. same-store sales, jumping about 7.2%. that may be why you see bid a
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little bit higher. the ask is coming down a bit. as we watch the stock, remember it is one of those hot stocks that has momentum behind it. we'll see how traders and investors react in a few minutes as this number settles and curse like me. -- cures like me. david: one of those things we're projecting to see at least 450 new stores rate operating in the country so they're going. michael, what about new entries like shake shack? they have high alpha. they're very speculative. is this one of those or one you can bet on? >> one of the things i like about this, it is quite interesting. a little bit of a different dynamic than we have to really evaluate companies, social media. one of the things interesting, shake shack has 60 some stores. david: right. >> they are in a situation with over 140,000 followers on instagram and other things. to put that into context, mcdonald's has over 36,000 stores and only 419,000 followers.
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today people are posting things. that makes people feel more comfortable going and causes it to be a good look for the future absolutely as maybe part of the portfolio. liz: todd, i have to get to the floor of cme to find out what are they saying about shake shack? because it is a one of most momentum names that has gotten a lot of attention lately. >> shake shack, if you want to gamble or play. no one wants to own it 20 minutes. on the floor a long-term capital gain is 20 minutes. want to get to it and get in and out of it. that is how we trade momentum stuff, you get in, get out. too risky to make a real play on it. liz: bear burger, there are some competitors right now. but they are sort of one, aspirational at this point, isn't it? i want to flip it back over to kevin kelly. because looking at the vix today, you are predicting choppier markets ahead for past couple weeks. here we have it. how much higher does the vix go, fear index? >> if you look out to april, the vix is showing in the mid 18s,
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19s, that was yesterday. everybody anticipates vix will go higher. there is a lot of uncertainty in the market especially with earnings down for the year. could be flat. greece kicked the can down the road. ukraine and russia is still unsolved. q index, if you look at it, it is elevated. it is 124. that shows you people are taking tail risk hedges at the ends of the market in case something does significantly happen. david: michael, talk about hedging. if you think this will be shaky market right now, how do you hedge your bets? >> it's a great point. i think it is going to be. one of the biggest things we track, what i'm looking at right now, if you look at market back since november, david, we're really inside ways trend. it has been up down, up down but we're basically sideways. a couple weeks ago i mentioned we would see some down. we're seeing that happen in a big way. i think, sh, shorting markets is
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a good way. if you want to step on sidelines where you're buying seven to 10-year treasury, etf is not a bad play. nothing wrong in this stage of the game if you're uncertain. folks we work with are retired or soon will be so they want to be protect wealth. nothing wrong with stepping on sideline and taking a breather while some of this gets let out. anytime the market goes sideways over period of time it will either shoot up, or shoot down. we've had pretty strong up for a while. being conservative is good play. liz: it's a busy day. we appreciate it. michael, kevin, kelly and todd horowitz. crucial moments for bank shareholders is about 21 minutes away. the fed releases its stress test results part-d eux, that will give a green light to raise dividends or buy back shares. we'll get to results but analysis that could make you money. david: turning to politics and its effect on economy, if not hillary, who? details of hillary's email
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controversy put a whole in her campaign, where will the dems turn and do they have a business-friendly campaigner in their pack? we have answers. liz: robin thicke, pharell, the line for them was so blurred it cost them millions. they may have not realized they were using margin gay's music. now they're shelling out big bucks to his family. will they fight it? will they appeal it? we have attorneys for robin thicke and pharell williams. howard king coming up live. ♪
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: we have breaking news on hillary an her emails. appears now the house oversight committee chaired by jason shave vets will subpoena hillary clinton. he is republican from utah. unclear whether that subpoena would force her to come. whether it is invitation rather than an order. we will get details. but there is a subpoena for hillary to come to explain those emails to the house oversight committee. liz? liz: david, music stopped for two big stars at least when it comes to one of their songs a jury ordered pharell williams and robin thicke to pay $7.4 million to the family of marvin gaye for copyright instinctment.
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infringe mane. their song, "blurred lines," sounded too much like marvin gave's song, get it up. we had the attorney last hour the attorney for the gay family. we have pharell and thick's attorney. howard king. we appreciate it, mr. king. right off the bat, will you appeal? >> we owe it to songwriters around the world to make sure this verdict doesn't stand. my clients know that they wrote the song, "blurred lines" from their hearts and souls and no other source. liz: well there is a heart, there is a soul and there is a mind. the jury totally believes their minds went write right to marvin gaye's song to initial verdict s that a yes, you will appeal andso, when? >> we're going to exercise every posttrial remedy we have to make sure this verdict does not stand. we look at it as, being in the 7th inning of a game that
4:15 pm
could go into extra innings. liz: are the gays going to see any of the $7.4 million? >> not if i do my job correctly. liz: that is interesting that you say that? richard bush said in the last hour, said i highly doubt they will appeal. when you had a jury never really got to hear the whole marvin gay song, doctor marvin gaye song, felt there was stolen parts they felt they truly won the war. >> this jury didn't listen to any music which is rather surprising to me why why not? we know there was only sheet music that was copyrighted because that goes way back. this is a 1970s marvin gay song. for us old fogies who knew it, i really heard a major similarity. it felt more than just a jive or a, or a derivative, if you know what i mean. and the jury really felt this and there were a lot of jury members who apparently never heard the marvin gay song.
4:16 pm
did you not bring in better musicologists. >> apparently not. there is cords and music difference. liz: another honk, happy, and ain't that peculiar by marvin gaye people are equating as similar. here it is. ♪ people are already equating those two. saying pharell had a thing for marvin gaye's music. are you ready to fight that battle if it comes up? >> listen, pharell has readily admitted marvin gaye is one ever his idols.
4:17 pm
but it is silk and rayon. if this is the way the law is going to go, then the creator of rayon better look behind him, for lawsuits from the owner of silk because, even though they feel the same, they're structurally completely different. just like these songs. even two songs you just played me, are structurally and materially different. liz: there are a lot of people saying that this is setting some type of precedent but we all remember, you know, when george harrison song, my sweet lord, was under the microscope, he got sued by ronnie mac, written, i believe it is called he is so fine. he was found guilty of plagiarism are in fact from those two songs. what kind of precedent does this set, if that case already happened? >> well, you can find an errant jury anywhere. i think that is what george harrison suffered because those two songs aren't the same either. just because eight people think that two songs are similar,
4:18 pm
doesn't mean they are. so, i think this has deterrent effect this is horrible decision. that is going to affect whether or not record labels provide the necessary funds for new music to be created. so i do think it is a bad precedent. and i think, i let songwriters down around the world. i heard from many of those. we're going to do what we can do for those other songwriters, to see that this verdict does not stand. >> howard e. king, the lawyer for pharell williams and robin thicke. thanks for coming on. we want to be fair and balanced here. please come back. something tells me from your tone this is far from over. >> that's right. >> thank you, mr. king, we appreciate it. david, to you. david: what a case. we love it. with the markets on shakier ground and dollar getting stronger will janet yellen lose her nerve to raise rates? also before the fists fly, we're moments away from war of words between boxers manny pacquiao
4:19 pm
and floyd mayweather as they meet for the first time ahead of their fight. we'll bring it to you live. we'll speak with a former boxing champion. elon musk wants to prove tesla can handle anything including ice and snow of the sew put it to the test. take a look. [engine noise] at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. david: hillary clinton, the fed, and a way to keep malls from sinking. all fodder for our panel today. with us, sabrina schaefer, she is here in town in new york, forbes contributor and independent women's forum executive director. catherine ward, "reason" magazine editor and our own adam shapiro. start with the market and its failed attempts to gain any ground after yesterday's 330
4:24 pm
point loss. will a shaky market scare off janet yellen from a rate hike? adam, what do you think? can't talk. can you hear me? >> they're turning mic on. that is a good thing. it will not scare her off. the fed has in its mind, one, we're almost full employment. inflation is not where they like it. but they can't really do much to juice wages. that is what they're upset about but there is very little they can do. they do know they have to rein in their spending, balance sheet. the bottom line dollar bets stronger with just talk of it. yes, she will continue. david: sabrina, some people look at her and see a dove. she is known to be dovish in her views of monetary policy but when alan greenspan was head of the fed. she was a hawk. here is what jon hilsenrath wrote about her a couple years ago. janet yellen worried about booming stock market and urged alan greenspan to raise short-term interest rates to
4:25 pm
head off inflation. advice declined. could she be more hawkish than most people realize? >> i think this notion she is dove is misrepresentation. when we look back to the 1990s with strong economic growth she was in favor of tightening the belt. that is interesting picture here. i'm hoping this happens sometime in june, maybe june, because i want to encourage savings. we want people to save more. david: catherine, will she hold tight or give in to what the markets are doing? >> maybe janet yellen is john kerry is for market rates, maybe she was for it before she was against eight and maybe for it. we'll have to wait and see. david: hillary clinton's email press conference got all the news t seems to have made matters worse with all questions raised how and with whom she deleted tens of thousands of emails she claims were personal. will democrats have to choose a
4:26 pm
serious alternate just in case? sabrina, what do you think? >> i'm thinking same thing. could it be elizabeth warren. her policies would be disasterous for the company. andrew cuomo. he has email scandal. jerry brown. his policies are bad. one thing that worries me, kristin gillibrand, she has girl next door policies, but if you look at her policies -- david: we're looking someone more moderately business-friendly than president obama. we didn't even mention bernie sanders by the way. he is also in the running. >> he is, god help us. there was a lot of joking in my twitter feed about like, biden-warren ticket. i don't think we should count hillary out yet. yes, it was disasterous press conference. this doesn't look great for her. at the same time hillary clinton has shown she can come back. david: adam, nobody is counting her out. you would be silly to do that. the clinton machine is the strongest political machine i've
4:27 pm
ever seen in my lifetime, however do democrats have to line up alternative to her? >> democrats need to get their house in order. there is whole left-wing of the democratic party can't stand the clintons because they're far more sendist than the current administration. that is the current problem. hillary clinton has nothing to do with the important issues. the fact that people right or wrong love her husband. they don't love her. david: that's true. i agree. let's move on. america's malls seem to be dieing a slow death but a canadian developer wants to change the whole concept of malls, turning them into little amusement parks water park, sea lion show, performing arts and ferris wheel and roller coaster. they're betting four billion bucks on the project. catherine, could this bring malls back? >> anytime i hear about a project like this my first thought is always, let's check into the crony capitalism situation. lo and behold the same developer
4:28 pm
has a similar project going in new jersey. it has been 10 years in the making i think. still not done. we had a $400 million bailout by the taxpayers, couple years back. after an $800 million bond. this is exactly the kind of thing that is catnip to local politicians and always a disaster for taxpayers. >> as my great, great, great, grandfather who never existed in scott land would say it is crap, it is crap. here's why. that project in new jersey have a ski slope. we have snow in this part of the world. it is a nightmare. and norm brayman others in south florida led the fight against the government helping build stadiums and bailouts so good luck getting dollars for this thing. why would you build a stadium in florida? david: left mere r for me to do that. sabrina you have to do something to get all couch potatoes off their buts to bring families
4:29 pm
together and revive the malls. will this do it like little disneyland? >> i got back from disney world. the what comes in mind, i have three children, lugging around shopping bags and go to the ski slope. >> go to the beach in miami. david: that is the point, you don't have to go to disney world. don't have to take a plane ride to go to amusement park. >> ferris wheel? sounds horrifying. david: got falls, dade land, ton of malls. david: three out of three panelists think the same thing about this, that it is a boondoggle. thank you, sabrina, catherine and adam shapiro. catch sabrina among other "forbes" guests 11:00 a.m. eastern time on fox news channel a great sew had. you don't want to miss it -- a great show. results of fed stress tests are out. peter barnes in washington, d.c. go ahead,. >> david, the actual stress tests were last week and what
4:30 pm
the fed is set to announce at bottom of the hour is capital review plans for stock buybacks and stock dividends going ahead for the next year or so. and i can announce them, that they have, rejected the 2015 capital distribution plans for just the u.s. operations of two big foreign banks, germany's deutsche bank and spain's santander. citigroup's plan was approved this year after it met rejection in two prior years. fed approved plans for jpmorgan chase, goldman sachs and morgan stanley. but that came after it forced them to resubmit their initial plans to slightly reduce their capital distributions for the year ahead. so they will keep slightly more capital on hand. that is allowed in these give-and-takes of these reviews. and bank of america is still in the process. it has until september to resubmit its plan. it passed last week's stress tests with good capital numbers. so the fed did not formally reject b-of-a's dividend and
4:31 pm
stock buyback plan but said, quote, bank of america exhibited deficiencies in its capital planning process. these deficiencies warrant further near term attention but do not undermine the quantitative results of the stress tests for the firm. this year the fed reviewed the dividend and stock buyback plans of 31 banks with assets of more than $50 billion. it okayed them for 28. first step of these reviews, as i mentioned, all 31 of the big banks passed the annual stress tests. those tests evaluate whether the banks have enough capital to withstand a severe economic downturn. today's reviews, which incorporate the stress tests, examined more qualitative issues at banks, marionly covering how they monitor and mitigate risk, including risk controls, risk identification processes and management practices. the u.s. twigses of deutsche bank and santander have a year to resubmit their u.s. capital plans. david? david: we should mention that some of those banks that you mentioned, particularly
4:32 pm
bank of america, is down a little bit after-hours. might be because of some of the footnotes about them. liz: david, that is the one that is moving lower. deutsche bank, db is pretty steady from its closing price. goldman sachs standing pretty tall, so is jpmorgan. citigroup is moving higher because it finally broke the two-time losing streak of not passing these stress tests. this gives michael corbett a new lease on life as the ceo. they will be able at least, maybe five-fold or six fold up that dividend. david: it actually said, if they fail another stress test, he would probably have to leave. so he doesn't have to leave now. michael corbett looks like he will be in the driver's seat for a while. peter barnes, thank you very much. so who is going to raise dividends and issue buybacks? two top wall street banking analysts tell us what is next for bank of america and citi and more now that the results are in. we're tracking after market reaction to all the stocks.
4:33 pm
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david: as we just reported some of the stress test results came out just moments ago. let's bring in cato institute
4:37 pm
ceo and former bb&t chairman ceo, john allison. joining us by phone gerard cassidy from rbc capital markets. john, let's pull back for a second. are these tests really good indicators how well banks are managed? >> david, unfortunately the tests are almost worse than useless. they rely on complex mathematical models which have 100% failure right. the models are as good as weather models you see for climate change because it is impossible to put mathematic factors in global economy. what matters is events thathave no probability. before the financial crisis probability of housing prices falling 35 to 40% would be perceived as zero because it never happened even during the great depression. those are events that happen. when you get involved in mathematics -- by the way they had all the models before the crisis. banks relied on them like
4:38 pm
citigroup, are ones that had biggest trouble. fed's models fail. what i call common sense or experience, says housing prices get so high that people can't afford houses, that is when you should be cautious, not relying on model. it is good the fed is happy with the results. that means they let banks make loan but not an indicator from investor perspective that banks have good modeling results. >> let me get to the news right now because decisions are already being released. morgan stanley which passed just now announced it will be hiking its dividends to now i believe 15 cents. is that correct, maria? yeah, they're hiking it to 15 cents. citigroup is able to now. the rumor was that they would go from one penny to five or six pennies. i want to bring in gerard cassidy on this who is the biggest winner from this stress test today? >> i think we have to say citigroup is the biggest winner because they had the biggest risk to losing. as we know citigroup last year
4:39 pm
failed the qualitative portion of this test. they put a lot on the line. ceo mike corbett even said he would step down if they didn't pass this test. so i think citi is the biggest winner from this test. liz: okay. bank of america has to put its plans on ice at the moment. they need to rejigger numbers according to the federal reserve. that is one stock moving slightly lower. gerard, how does bank of america fare in all of this? >> i think we have to turn the clock back to look at jpmorgan and goldman sachs two years ago. both of them got the same qualification weakness in capital planning process. both of them fixed it. we expect bank of america to fix it. if it trades down tomorrow it's a great buying opportunity. david: john, let me ask you about the political dimensions to all these tests and everything. you and your bank were fierce critics of bank regulators. so of course is jamie dimon of jpmorgan. now coincidentally or not, your bank, your old bank, bb&t, and
4:40 pm
jpmorgan chase, didn't pass the stress tests about a year ago. is that just a coincidence? am i being too paranoid in thinking thinking this? or is there political dimension to these results? >> no question it is political. in bb&t's case, if you looked at numbers, raw number, bb&t was ranked second best of all the banks but we didn't pass on what they call qualitative standards. david: what does that mean, qualitative standards, john? >> very subjective bit regulators. david: but what does that mean? they have to at some point describe what they mean by that, don't they? >> no. they don't. they can just make them up. they won't even tell the bank what that means. but, they are giving you a lesson. and the lesson is, hey, if you don't say nice things about regulations do what we want to you do, then you will be punished. liz: let me jump in. there is more news. bny mellon announced a $3.1 billion buyback. huntington bank shares,
4:41 pm
3$6 million buyback. but again, staying with you, john, here, does this mean now that these banks, once they passed it will start lending more? that the logjam that has held up lending will start to clear a little bit? >> well that is an important question. one of my initial comments. the fact that the fed is happy with these tests even in reality they're meaningless is good. maybe the fed will back up on lending standards, for small businesses in particular, tightest in my 40 something career. all because of mathematical modeling. there are good signs maybe they look at banks get back to more traditional lending standards for small, medium-sized businesses. david: gerard, staying on that point for a second, wayne angell, formerly of the fed has been on several times. one of the things preventing banks or keeping banks from lending out they should, is 25 basis points is the fed gives banks to keep reserves in the
4:42 pm
fed. should the fed end that bonus for holding reserve accounts from banks? >> certainly would help stimulate maybe more lending but we have got to remember, the total loans outstanding in the u.s. banking system today are record levels. so i'm not in the camp that the banks are not lending. year-over-year federal reserve data which comes out every friday shows loans are broking around five to 7% which is about the level they typically grow at when gdp is growing at 2 1/2 to 3% rate. there are segments of the population are having a tough time finding loans, i don't disagree with that but i do not agree with the fact that banks are not lending. we're at record levels. there is just not enough demand yet. david: it's a good lending standard at our current growth rate but our current growth rate is anemic that is part of the problem. >> i agree. david: john allison, gerard cassidy, good to talk to both of you gentlemen. thank you very much. liz: live to los angeles. manny pacquiao.
4:43 pm
weller weights are about to face off. leading up to big boxing brawl. we'll bring it to you live. david: that is a close shave. one flight attendant fighting back, suing airline and vice president over macadamia nut rage incident. surely you heard about this. you must have been in a cave. we'll tell you more about it when we come back. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
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that's what i'd like to do.
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david: we got pictures coming up. just moments from now. boxing's biggest stars meet face-to-face ahead of their megafight less than eight weeks from now. liz: floyd mayweather, who you see there on the red carpet in los angeles, he versus manny pacquiao, expected to pull in hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket sales, pay-per-view and so much more. our next guest knows first-hand what the fight means for business of boxing. we have a prother and -- promoter and ceo of star boxing, pretty close with manny. you also know floyd, correct? >> i know them well. i know manny much better than i know floyd.
4:48 pm
the last fight manny had was against my fighter in macau. liz: who won? >> manny. a lot better if it went other way. liz: we can shop pictures. they haven't gone face-to-face yet. second they do we will let our viewers know we'll take that. david: by the way, joe, when was the last fight that was this big? i think you have to go back to the days of muhammad ali. >> ali-frazier is probably the last big fight like this. david: that was whole era when america was tuned into boxing much more than it is now. leads to the question, are we due for a come back of boxing? >> this is certainly the come back. this is boxing at its finest. walked up here today, hear guys talkingdown stairs about the manny pacquiao, floyd mayweather fight like when i was going to school talking about ali and
4:49 pm
frazier, who was going to win. the hype is unbelievable. liz: mayweather could take in 120 million even if he loses, and pacquiao 80 million. but the pay-per-view number. i want you to give us a sense how much you think overall this fight will end up making? >> well, i think we're going to be half a billion dollars. 500,000 -- liz: say that again on camera because that is unbelievable. >> $500 million, half a billion dollars. not only is there pay-per-view which i think will go through the roof here in the u.s. but international sales. you have shirts what they're wearing, what they walk into the ring with, trunks, endorsements all over the place. there are some different avenues of revenue. foreign sales. so there is so much. when we talk about pay-per-view, we're talking about u.s. that is just u.s. revenue, not counting the philippines and not counting every other country in the world that follows boxing. david: not counting gambling. how much money will be gambled on this fight? >> huge. david: this could be more than
4:50 pm
500 million, the gambling intake, right? >> gambling intake will be great for mgm or las vegas. you can't get a room. sold out right now. very difficult to get rooms. you have to know somebody to get a ticket to the fight it is a hot ticket. liz: how much would you bet that people who have no interest in boxing because of the hype will order pay-per-view? >> i think the interest right now is showing that they will. i think that people who are, peripherally involved or hear about the fights want to see it, want to watch it because it is an event. it will take on even more steam as we get closer and closer to the fight. right now i know we're fielding calls from people that never cared about boxing at all. they want to know about the fight. can we get tickets or that? i think they will plunge down on pay-per-view. david: i hope for a great fight, two years ago, manny got knocked out by one punch. that was two years ago. he had a lost wins since then
4:51 pm
but what are you predicting for fight itself? >> i'm hoping we have a great fight. great for business an industry. i think we will have a good fight. both of these guys, for five years we've been looking for this fight. and maybe they're not where they were five years ago. but, they're still great fighters. they're still experienced fighters. david: nice guys. guys that people have interest in, personal interest in. >> without a doubt. they will not be nice in that ring. david: or a couple minutes from now when they face off. liz: you talked about this being five years in the making. they're all five years old. floyd is 38. manny is 36. they're not exactly what some would argue spring chickens of the fighting world. does that make a difference at all? how good will this fight be? how many rounds? >> one good thing they both gotten older. makes for a better fight, good fight, they're both slacking a little bit maybe. but really, they are two top veterans, two top fighters going
4:52 pm
against each other. you have to hope it makes for a good fight. stylewise it may. david: the fight begins today in just moments because we'll see that faceoff. freddie roach is the trainer for manny pacquiao. he has been bad-mouthing floyd and floyd's father as well, hasn't he? we could see real, a lot of it is staged or built up just for tv because we like to cover it. at the same time there is animosity here now, right? >> there will be a lot of interesting back stories with different camps and trainers. there is a lot of back end. two fighters themselves, probably will be more respectful. but i think the back end, trainers might not. liz: let's just make a comment about mgm. this is publicly-traded company. do they really win here by hosting this fight? >> oh, they win tremendously. you can't put a price tag on the business that will take place. the exposure that will take place at the mgm. obviously gamblers will come in to do gambling. david: is this all a flash in
4:53 pm
the pan? because, it is difficult to find two fighters that have the following of these guys. both of them for many different reasons have a big following around the world. i can't think of another two fighters that would, about whom there would be this much enthusiasm? >> there is nobody else out there you could have this kind of fight, of this magnitude right now. and again you think back to ali-frazier. how big was that? we still talk about. david: sure. >> i think years from now, i'm hoping that you will still talk about this fight, mayweather-pacquiao. liz: you've been in business a long time. great to have your perspective on this. >> pleasure. liz: joe deguardia. you should hang out and watch. david: joe will hang with us as we con tougher continue to cover this. liz: google opened first google branded shop. where is it? what is inside of it? what are they doing? we'll give you the details next? david: a juicy story.
4:54 pm
korean airlines flight attendant involved in the nut rage incident decided to take legal action against the airline. more on that straight ahead. >> i'm gerri willis. coming up on my show at the top of the hour. more and more people are hanging on to their old cars but should you bite the bullet and buy a new one? "consumer reports" is here with answers. that is one of the big stories on "the willis report." it's more than a network.
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david: there is new fallout from the infamous nut rage incident
4:58 pm
that is sending a korean airlines heiress to prison. she is also vice president of the airline had a meltdown when a flight attendant served her macadamia nuts in a bag instead after appellate. ordered plane back to its gate at new york kennedy airport. later convicted of violence against flight crew. the flight attendant who served the nuts is suing korean air. she says she was pressured to cover up incident. the whole thing ruined her career. seeking unspecified damages. as for the vice president, sentenced to a year in prison. she is also appealing. liz: she is daughter of ceo. unbelievable story. google opening first ever branded shop in london, everybody. located within a currie's pc world. the aptly named, google shop will sell products like android phones and chrome book laptops. like apple store, it will serve
4:59 pm
as a place where customers try out different devices and get tutorials how to use them of the store has unique emersive experiences including a screen that simulates flying around the earth. google plans to open up two more shops in west london and es session. -- essex. david: we're getting more headlines on fallout from bank stress tests. goldman sachs upped quarterly dividend five cents a share to 65 cents a share and $000 million share repurchase program. as you see their stock is trading up a little bit after-hours. liz: morgan stanley for its part announcing share repurchase programs, also upping dividend to 15 cents a share from 10 cents a share. david: wells tagger go propose ad 7% increase in the dividend. american express increasing quarterly dividends to 29 cents per share as well. liz: that stock is moving slightly higher here. we flip it over, we already mentioned american express.
5:00 pm
david: bank of america, by the way is still trading down a little bit. there was a proviso. they passed with a footnote, with an asterisk. liz: with an asterisk. stay tuned for the pacquiao -- gerri has it. gerri: i'm gerri willis. this is "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. nearly seven years after one of the biggest taxpayer bailouts in history, r fannie mae is under fire after a bombshell new investigation. we'll have the details. the clinton email controversy grows. new questions today over what the former secretary of state deleted. >> look, bridesmaids dresses or wedding cake, i don't care about that but if it's a public record, you should have act test to it. gerri: being billed as the fight of the century. floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao face off today ahead of the richest fight in boxing history. also consumer reports is here with its annual new car issue. they will tell us the one big


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